Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are you serious, it has been over a year since I have posted.  That is CRAZY . . . but then again that is what my life seems to be lately CRAZY...

Let me see, where to begin . . .UPDATE...

Dan:  Still working for URS, wished I could say loving it, but it will do until something else comes along.  I actually think he likes it, but the fact that it is almost over makes it a bit stressful at times.  It is going to be October in a few days and we all know what that means HUNTING.  Yes he has a lot of hunting planned on the schedule for the remainder of the year, so he will remain busy the rest of the year working, taking care of the necessities at home, running kids and hunting.  He was also recently put in as a scout leader for the 12 and older scouts.  He is a great guy and love that we can depend on him to take care of our little family.

Annette:  Well still working full-time at the Career Service Review Office for the State of Utah.  I have to admit this week is a little bitter/sweet.  My wonderful boss (without him I would have never made it back into the workforce as a full time mom/employee) has accepted a new job and this is his last week with me:-(  I am stressed as I am awaiting for the Governor to appoint my new boss.  I love my job, I love what I do, but that could easily be changed by the new man/woman.  I just keep hoping for the best and keep telling myself change will be good, right!  Last week I had surgery, everything went better than expected and I have fully recovered.  I didn't realize how much pain I was everyday until now . . . now that it is gone.  I only had to miss one day of work, the day of the surgery so YAHOO!  I work all day and chase kids all night and weekends.  I am currently coaching a 10U girls accelerated softball team and I am loving it.  I am still the 11 year old primary teacher, wish I had the same reaction as softball  . . . loving it . . .not!  I love the kids I teach but it just adds to my already crazy life.

Dalton:  He just began Jr. High, yep that is right I AM OLD!  I have a 7th grader.  He has grown up so much I am proud of him and the young man he is becoming.  He attends mutual on Wednesday nights with his dad, kicking and screaming but it is good for him:-)  At least that is what I keep telling him.  He played baseball this spring and also played on a super league during the weekends over the summer.  He is currently playing fall baseball. We were taking him in once a week to a pitching coach and it helped him a ton.  So academically and socially he has excelled as usual.  Unfortunately, the past year we have been struggling with his diabetes.  Yep the teen rebel came out in him a little sooner than I expected.  I think we have it under control now, but it was a rough go there for a bit.  We have been monitoring his kidneys because testing has proven that they are not functioning at the level they need to be.  That was a bit of a scare for all of us, but hopefully we are on the right track now.

Georgette:  My sweet little 10 year old, well used to be . . . lol.  She has came out of her shell and she is a social butterfly.  She is on my 10U accelerated softball team and it has been fun for us to spend some time together doing what we both love.  She is an awesome little ball player and I am amazed at how much she loves the game, and shocked that someone so innocent and shy could be so competitive.  She is in the 5th grade and she is doing OK in school.  I think the testing we done last year and the medication has helped her a ton with her focus and attention.  She loves to be around little kids and she is so good with them.  She has been practicing babysitting for my sister a little bit here and there, I wish I had her patience she is so good with kids.  Last Friday she performed at half-time with the Tooele Buffalo Cheerleaders, like I said she has come out of her shell and she performed like a natural.  She wasn't nervous or timid at all.  Love my Georgie girl and love watching her grow, physically and spiritually:-)

Whitney:  Oh my little Whitter . . . always and I mean always making me smile.  She has a joy for life that I have never seen in anyone.  She is always smiling (except for when her dad teases her).  She takes life by the horns, smiles and never lets anything get her down.  She is so young, but has taught me so much.  She is friendly with everyone.  She is my animal lover.  She loves to dance and she has the moves to prove it.  She is in the 3rd grade, going to be nine before we know it.  She does awesome in school and I am proud of her.  She has had to be a bit more independent than the other two were at this age because of me working full-time but she never complains.  She is always telling me "I love you"  "Have a good day at work"  and on occasion she has even packed me a lunch or two!  She is playing fall softball with the same team she played spring ball with.  They went undefeated all of spring and through the spring tournament.  So far they are undefeated in fall too.  She has taken up pitching and it is cute to see her so determined on the mound.  I love watching her play ball. 

Our family is busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are for the most part happy and healthy.  We love spending time together.