Friday, March 27, 2009

Princess & THE HUNTER

Today Whitney performed her ballet dance for the Grantsville Senior Citizens. She done amazing considering how sick she has been all week and missing dance this week. She has become great little dancer. I am so proud of her and who wouldn't be she is a cutie!

Then when I got home Dalton had something to show me. Now that he is 9 we have trusted him to hunt the back yard and field with his BB gun. He has been out there daily trying to get something and today he became a successful hunter. He was so excited and I was happy for him. He had to take a picture of it on his phone and send it to grandma as if it was a trophy kill and of course grandma responded as if it were a trophy kill!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just wanted to brag about my kiddos for a minute. Friday was the end of the third term, so that means REPORT CARDS. Call me crazy but I love to get their report cards, I use that as a gauge to let me know how I am doing as a mom! LOL Yes, I know they are still young and I won't always be able to control their school work, but for know it works for me. Dalton is in the third grade and he is an awesome student all A's with the exception of 1 B+ and 1 B. That is great! Georgette is in the 1st grade, and as you know it is not a letter grade but a number (4-1; 4 being the best) she received 13 4's and 3 3's. I am so proud of her because school is not as easy for her as it is her brother. On her comments it was also noted that she has read 5,230 reading minutes! Awesome! Homework returned - Super! Good Student! Of course, little Whitney does not get an official report card, but in my book she is an A student as well. I see her work she brings home every night and I see the work that is hung in the hall at school.

In case you could not tell, I am so proud of my kiddos! Until their is a report card for moms I will continue using their report cards and don't forget Dalton's sugar report of A1c every three months. As long as they keep getting A's and 4's; and Dalton's A1c's come back in the 7% my need to achieve is fulfilled. Crazy I know but if I don't judge myself who else will!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Misty!

I smile because we are sisters, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!

I know I am a day early, but it is better than a day late. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Love Ya Tons!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I just had to share a little experience we had Tuesday night for all you fellow pumpers and if not a pumper to reassure you that there are still caring people in the human race! To make a long story short, Tuesday night our family took a little road trip down to Provo. We were snacking as usual and Dalton was entering his carbs, we thought all was well. UNTIL we stopped in American Fork for dinner. Dalton tested and his meter would not read his sugar, meaning it was higher than 600. A little panicked, but not extremely thinking he had ate something without entering we entered his correction dose. I then went and ordered our food. When I got back to our table Dalton had a wet spot on his pants next to his pump and Dan said his tubing was leaking. This is where the panic sunk in, I have stuff in my purse for when he goes low, but since we had the pump I have not carried the big bag of supplies. What to do, I have no extra pump sites or tubing to change, no syringe to take insulin out of his reservoir and I am an hour away from home and an hour away from Primary Childrens. Oh and did I mention he is starving, but I can not let him eat because no way of giving him insulin.

Stress was high and tension between Dan and I well I will leave that to your imagination. We packed up our food and kids and headed towards the freeway unknowing whether to go the back way and speed as fast as we could (spots with no cell service) or stay on freeway and head knowing we had cell service and closer to a hospital?????????

This is where my faith in man has been restored. We are traveling to the freeway and we pass an Albertsons with big lights that say PHARMACY! I told Dan it is worth a try to stop in and see if they will sell me either syringes so I could try to get insulin out of the reservoir, a bottle of insulin or possibly a new site for his pump. Knowing dang well I had never filled a prescription there and if I did not have a syringe on me it is not like I carry a prescription for one either.

So I drag Dalton in, it is 8:50 and they close at 9:00. The Pharmacist was out closing up the waiting area and I frantically told him I was a ways from home, my sons pump was not working and I need a syringe would he sell me one! You can imagine the look I got, LADY you want me to sell you a syringe to shoot what? I showed him Dalton's pump calmed down and explained again. He could see my panic and went right back behind the counter pulled out a couple syringes and would not even let me pay for them. I was going to leave and he kindly said why don't you try those needles in here because if they won't fit in the tubing he had allergy syringes that were smaller, but I know as kind as he was and sympathetic to my stress he would have gave me some insulin too if that would have not worked. BUT fortunately for us I was able to get the insulin out of the reservoir and then it was testing every 1/2 on the way home. His sugar did not even begin to register until 11:30 and it came down to 593. Then we were up every hour making sure it continued coming down, testing for ketones and making sure he didn't drop.

Which of course he did at 3:30 a.m. to 58 and the poor boy did not even remember me forcing gummies down him to bring his sugar up. So I am so thankful for kind and caring people. PLUS, a small lesson learned, my purse will always have a syringe and site change in it, and every car we own will have a couple site changes and syringes as well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well it finally looks like we may have a bit of SPRING and we sure took advantage of it. For starters we did a little spring cleaning of the yard and garage, what a task. Two loads to the dump and one to the DI why is it I think I have to hibernate and keep it all through the winter like a bear. Then after a two week break from basketball it was off to baseball tryouts! It was nice and sunny, great to be outside after all winter.
After tryouts we got ready and went to SLC with our friends the Willis's to the Sportsman Expo, the kids had fun running around filling up their bags with free stickers, handouts and anything else they could get their hands on. We watched the water dog competition and I walked around dreaming of my Zebra hunt, I swear every other booth was about an African Safari Hunt, but I kept my money in the car so unfortunately I walked away without one! LOL But I was able to talk with a guide from Kansas about my upcoming Turkey Hunt and I am even more excited than I was before. WATCH OUT TURKEYS! The kids got their picture taken with the baby cubs at Bear World and Dalton was in seventh heaven.

Then we finished the night off at RUBY RIVER with a delicious dinner. You could not ask for a better start to SPRING. I also want to thank the Willis's for putting up with us, they are troopers. I wanted to share a few pictures of our beautiful day!

Friday, March 13, 2009



Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dalton's latest interest is "BEARS", not the cute little cuddly, but the big boy black and grizzly bear. He is starting to show his big boy age (9). For his birthday, he decided not to have a party and instead wanted to go to the Zoo with his buddy Trey. So Friday, without him knowing I picked Trey and Dalton up at school and we were off to the zoo. We had an incredible time, we practically had the whole zoo to ourselves. We played at the zoo for two hours and then off to Chuck A Rama Dalton's favorite place to eat out!

We had a great time with the kids at the zoo! Thanks Dalton for picking an awesome adventure for us to share with you. We hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your Birthday Wishes come true! Love Mom!
P.S. Grandma pulled out another wonderful cake. Dalton was specific he wanted a bear climbing a tree and getting into a beehive with bee's all over him. What Dalton wanted is what Dalton got! LOL Kids and their imaginations. THANKS GRANDMA CONNIE!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Georgette and I went to the Read Across America in Salt Lake at the Gateway. The kids had such a great time. Georgette got her picture taken with some of the Utah Utes Football players, she seen Cat from Cat in the Hat! It was an exciting field trip for us both!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Georgette has a friend that loves animals and ever since she saw pictures of Georgette riding horses on my phone she has wanted to ride a horse. So the weather was gorgeous on Saturday, perfect for riding so I GAVE IN! Dan went and caught the horses and began saddling them while I went and picked up the Willis girls. They had so much fun, here are a few shots of our wonderful riding experience.

Lucky for us we had the same idea as Aunt Kikki and ran into Uncle Jared, Aunt Kikki and Baby Taya at the horses. Georgette loves Taya so she was excited to get a picture with her, sorry to say Taya was not as excited about the picture. LOL