Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mindy Birthday

Sorry for the early birthday wish, I know you don't want to get older any sooner than you have too! I will be in Vegas over the weekend and did not want to miss wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all yours wishes come true!

Happy Birthday Mindy

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Festival and Author's Night

Traditionally at Northlake, at the end of the year each grade performs a dance from around the world. This year tonight was that night. All three of my kiddos performed dances and it was exciting to watch. Even my little Dalton, that did not want to go to school today, and did not want to dance (may I add even had to pull cards throughout the year during practices because of attitude towards dance) did a wonderful job. I am so proud of them and all they have accomplished this year in pre-school, 1st grade and 3rd.

Following the dance festival, we went to the gym for Author's Night. Throughout the year the kids write stories and draw pictures in a their own book. The experience is to teach them to write with the reward of having their book published with their illustrations. They did a great job. It was fun to see the stories (and handwriting) at the beginning of the year, with so much improvment as the year went on. Then at author night, they had an open microphone, and teacher chairs (referred to as author chair) and the children get to sit and the families are their audience as they share their stories. Fun and a great self-esteem booster. However, last year their stories were mostly about mom and I was their hero, sad to say I have to share that title with dad now. Dan will be so excited when he gets home to read the story about Dalton's hero, the kids can't wait to show dad.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff at Northlake that made Author's Night and the Dance Festival possilbe. My kids loved having the spot light tonight!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MAY 8th

Georgette and Whitney had their Spring Dance Recital. They both done a beautiful job performing. I am so proud of each of them and how talented they are. On the 16th they both performed a dance at Gateway Mall too. The day before the recital as usual we went with the Willis's to primp a little and get their nails done. They always look forward to that part of recitals. Oh my what have I started!


Okay so May 4th the opening day of the turkey hunt! Dan and I both drew a tag this year and what fun we have already had with it. Opening day I took time off work and he took 1/2 off work and we went up settlement canyon. We were both dressed in camo, he looking like a mighty tree and well I looked more like an orchard, I guess because I have more ground to cover than he. LOL Anyway so we get all camoed out, get our guns and just as we are to leave the truck he tells me to turn around and he starts shoving a hen decoy in my back vest. Well honestly this is what was going through my mind. We had just discussed that their was 1400 tags given out, so likely to see more hunters, I am dressed like a tree and if I lift my arm I have a turkey head coming out which looks like it is poking its head around a tree, seriously I was wondering if this was suicide or if maybe he had upped my life insurance the week before or something.

Well putting my faith in him we began to hike. Okay in my defense this is the first sign of exercise this orchard has had since before winter. So as I walked my lungs expanded to a degree that has not been met in well probably 5 years since I had my last child, so as I walk I began to breath harder and then a little cough comes out, okay so a big cough I sounded like a horse that was fed bad hay (do not recommend peanut butter cups and diet coke as hibernation food for winter). I kept getting looks from Dan but what am I supposed to do human nature when you can't breathe you gasp.

So after we got the breathing under control it was the twigs, well when an orchard steps on a tree it is going to crack and when it cracks it is not a silent sound. He would shake his head and whisper it is just a little further. Well a little further ended up being a hike to Bear Trap Flat if you are familiar at all.

We had fun and it was great to get out and have some alone time. We have continued to hunt during the evenings when we can and the only thing we have got so far are pictures. I am hoping to have a post on here soon with a bird to show off. If not it will definitely be a high-light in my memory book.

Back in April . . .

This past 4 weeks have been CRAZY. We have had a few events that I just want to blog about. First, back in April our cub scouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet. Our theme was a Hoe Down, there was fun decorations and activities for the boys and yummy food. Dalton received his Wolf and has now advanced to the Bear Den. We are so proud of him, I don't know how he keeps up with it all between scouts, school, baseball and whatever else comes along.

May 1st was Georgette's Birthday. She turned 7 and she had a Hannah Montana Movie. After school she had some friends come over and we had pizza and opened presents. Then it was off to the HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE. The girls had fun they sat by themselves a row in front of me and boy they thought they were big. Aftewards grandma and grandpa Morgan came over for strawberry shortcake. Then on Saturday the Anderson clan came by as you can see from the pictures grandma Anderson wowed us with another special cake. She had an exciting birthday and mom is happy that she is done with birthdays until January 2010 LOL!

First week in May softball started too! We began our games and it has been a blast to coach Georgette's little team BEST WESTERN. I love softball and I love kids so it works out to be a great combination for me.

More to come in a few!!!