Sunday, October 11, 2009


We spent Saturday afternoon scouting out a new camping/deer hunting spot. They really messed with our hunt this year only having the area we usually go open for 5 days. So we decided to load up the kids and check out a couple new spots. It was great weather, the fall colors were beautiful and the best surprise of all was the PINENUTS we scored. I am hoping when we go back Saturday we can be more prepared and get some more. I have not had pinenuts baking in my house forever, the smell is wonderful and the taste well YUMMY! I love afternoons like that, a nice four wheeler ride and then roasting hot dogs on a fire, it almost beats eating at the OUTBACK, (joking).


So I have counted the times I have chaperoned a field trip to the fire station with my three kids and I think it is way more than any person should have to visit (8 times, would have been 9 but if I recall right I think I made Crapa George go with Whitney her first year of preschool because they changed the time and I was at work and he had just retired, lucky for CRAPA!).
However, I put on my big girl pants and went one more time (I am thinking it should be my final time). It seems like yesterday I was going with Dalton his first year of preschool and now with Whitney while she is in kindergarten, boy time flies. I enjoyed the walk and the experience with her.
I am also throwing in a few pictures of crazy hair day at our school this week in connection with RED RIBBON WEEK! ENJOY!

Go UTES & Ponies of many colors!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dalton Takes 3rd & Receives his Bear

We had our annual derby/bake sale/cake auction for the cub scouts pack meeting last week. This year we tried out the space derby since none of us leaders had ever seen one, with the exception of my scouter husband Dan. Dalton had a great time working on his spaceship with his dad, baking his cake with me and decorating it with grandma Connie. I am sure you can all guess what his cake was decorated like, but just in case you can't here is a picture of it. His space derby was red and whit to match the cake! The night was full of excitement, fun and good food. Thanks for all the support everyone gave, Dalton is a special little boy with a lot of people supporting him. At the end of the night he walked away with 3rd place, but that was nothing compared to the fun he had with his family.
He also advanced in the cub scout program and received his Bear!

Love ya Dalton.