Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Festival and Author's Night

Traditionally at Northlake, at the end of the year each grade performs a dance from around the world. This year tonight was that night. All three of my kiddos performed dances and it was exciting to watch. Even my little Dalton, that did not want to go to school today, and did not want to dance (may I add even had to pull cards throughout the year during practices because of attitude towards dance) did a wonderful job. I am so proud of them and all they have accomplished this year in pre-school, 1st grade and 3rd.

Following the dance festival, we went to the gym for Author's Night. Throughout the year the kids write stories and draw pictures in a their own book. The experience is to teach them to write with the reward of having their book published with their illustrations. They did a great job. It was fun to see the stories (and handwriting) at the beginning of the year, with so much improvment as the year went on. Then at author night, they had an open microphone, and teacher chairs (referred to as author chair) and the children get to sit and the families are their audience as they share their stories. Fun and a great self-esteem booster. However, last year their stories were mostly about mom and I was their hero, sad to say I have to share that title with dad now. Dan will be so excited when he gets home to read the story about Dalton's hero, the kids can't wait to show dad.

Thanks to all the teachers and staff at Northlake that made Author's Night and the Dance Festival possilbe. My kids loved having the spot light tonight!

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