Sunday, July 12, 2009

June is GONE and July is on its way!!!!

Well wanted to take a moment to catch up on our busy, busy life! In June Whitney graduated Preschool. Georgette advanced to the 2nd grade and believe it or not in August I will have a 4th grader! What or more like where has time gone. I am proud of all three of my children for their academic accomplishments. I think they have finally forgiven me for signing them up for Math Camp (pretty much summer school). They continued on with school two hours a day Mon-Thur until the 1st of July. Yes, I know I am mean, but they survived. We are still doing reading Mondays at the school for another two weeks.

Dalton has been playing baseball and Georgette has continued with softball. We should be wrapping both them up this week. We signed Whitney up for fall soccer, she is excited. Dalton is still doing scouts every week. We have managed to squeeze play dates, birthday parties and swimming in throughout the summer as well.

We went to the Arts Festival, boy what an experience with 3 kiddos. We went to the Derby to support Lance. It was fun, wet and cold.

The end of June we went to Pineview with the Willis family. Now most of you know I am not a true water person. However, by the time we left Pineview I think I started growing fins! LOL

We made it home from Pineview in time for the 4th of July. We went to the parade with the Morgan's. Then this year we actually went to the park activities, we had banned that for the past 5 years (I think it will be banned in future years as well). We ended up coming home with another fish (making it 5 now) and an African Dwarf Frog. After the park we went to Michelle's for swimming and lunch. We couldn't take the heat any longer so we packed up and headed to Ophir for the rest of the weekend. We went 4-wheeler riding, bike riding and the boys even snuck off one morning for a horse ride. It was a great holiday weekend.

Oh, did I mention we bought a new truck somewhere between May and now. Crazy, I can not even keep up with all the activities, but we are sure enjoying the summer.


Hiedi said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great summer!

I was surprised to hear Lady Gaga on your playlist! You go Girl with your bad self. Keep Rockin!

Misty.Castagno said...

I love my African Dwarf Frog Dalton won for me... How is he supposed to win me more animals if you ban going to the park??