Friday, August 28, 2009

Picture this . . .

So I just have to share a couple conversations I have had in the last 24 hours with my little kindergarten. If you know Whitney at all you can totally picture this . . .

Mom is standing next to the truck with the back door open to get the kiddos from school. Remind you that it is Whitney's first day of all day kindergarten. She comes running with brother and sister with a smile. All is going well until our conversation begins and here it goes:
Mom: Hey sweetie how was school to day?
Whitney: Not good (as she walks by me and slams the truck door)
Mom: (after getting in the truck) What happened?
Whitney: (One hand on hip the... other pointing a finger at me) I told you I should not do long day, I am to tired for this!
Mom: (trying to hold back the laughter) Oh it will get easier next week!
Whitney: (very excited) tells me all about her 1st day and how the Gingerbread man got away!

So then trying to start out on a better note, this is the conversation I have with her on our way to work/school this morning. Picture if you will . . .
Mom: Are you going to have a better day at school today?
Whitney: Are you taking the camera? When you take pictures of me in the lunch room it is embarrassing! (then starts sucking her thumb and looking out the window).

YES, and this is only kindergarten! What am I in for?????????

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