Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello! Where did October go??? Well the whole family has had something or another, except me (knock on wood). So between doctors, school, doctors, baseball, doctors, dance and more doctors, well I have not had much time to blog. Thought I would take a minute and at least put on some Halloween Pictures. This year the candy fairy that visits Dalton each year came a day early and left him some tickets to the Utes Blackout game. It was the best Halloween Dalton has had in 5 years. It worked out great because for Halloween he wanted to be a Ute Fan, Georgette wanted to be a big BABY and well our little Whitney was so excited to be a "Booger", not a hamburger but the actual thing that comes from your nose. We had a fun night filled with trick or treating fun.

In October we also finished up fall baseball, had an unsuccessful deer hunt. Dalton and Dan had a little more luck come November 1st, when they got a coyote and I don't know who was more excited, dad or son!

Looking forward to November, lets hope it is a healthy month for the Morgan family!

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