Saturday, December 26, 2009

Whitney's Little "ACCIDENTS"!

So here are a few little conversations my little Whitney has had the past month. I think she believes that if you add accidentally in front of things it makes it all okay!

We had just went to the Santa Parade here in Tooele. We waited an hour in line to see Santa and when we got in the car here was part of our conversation:

Mom: Whitney what did you ask Santa for?

Whitney: PollyPocketRollerCoaster (because she does not breathe when she says it), BEE-noculars (Binoculars); and Make-up.

Mom: That is a lot of stuff! Did Santa ask you if you had been a good girl?

Whitney: Yes!

Mom: What did you tell him?

Whitney: I ACCIDENTALLY told him yes!


Now turn the time to Christmas morning, Whitney wakes up and opens all her Santa gifts. We get a phone call from Grandma Connie and this is the conversation.

Grandma: Did Santa come?

Whitney: U-huh

Grandma: What did he bring you?

Whitney: Everything I asked for he must of ACCIDENTALLY forgot that I ACCIDENTALLY lied to him about being nice!


For Christmas Whitney got her Polly Pocket Roller Coaster and there is a place you can put water so it splashes through. All day Whitney asked for water, we told her no it is a summer time activity and when it is warm she can take it outside and play. So the day after Christmas my parents brought Dan's B-day gift and we were sitting around the table, Whitney walks in the kitchen with her I just done something I shouldn't have look.

Mom: Whitney what are you doing?

Whitney: I spilled something in the N0-No room!

Mom: What did you spill?

Whitney: I spilled water and it ACCIDENTALLY landed in my Polly Pocket Roller Coaster!


Her little accidents have kept me and dad laughing!