Monday, March 8, 2010

So my little man is "10"! It was a little different this year not having to worry about a kid party and all the work that goes with it. For his birthday he got a shotgun instead. We gave him his choice of a smaller item and a party or a bigger item. He chose the bigger but I think had second thoughts for a better part of the day. That is until the grandparents showed up with more gifts LOL!

Now that the the grandkids are old enough to help grandma gives them the option of helping out with their cakes. Dalton helped her Saturday night and I think they done an "AWESOME" job! Thanks mom for making his birthday special and haveing more patience with him than I would have ever had. The pheasants turned out beautiful!


Valerie said...

Wow, what a neat cake! Happy Birthday, big guy!

Nicc said...

Happy Birthday Dalton! Good choice on the gun instead of a party!! Sorry we missed it, I was at the church for a YW program all night!

Ryan and Sheree said...

Your Mom's cakes are awesome, that is great she let him help. I can't believe Dalton's that old. It's just a reminder of how old we are getting. Wouldn't it be nice to freeze time.