Saturday, September 4, 2010

A month called . . . CRAZY!

So I haven't blogged since August 7, 2010, but that does not mean our family has been idle.  Hmmm! Where to begin?  Well Dan and I have continued to work full-time.  The kids were bounced around from sitter - to - sitter the last two weeks before school began.  Football started, which consumed 5 nights a week and a Saturday in August.  As of today, we had our first official game of the season, and now every Saturday for the next 9 weeks will be overtaken by football, GO TOOELE BUFFALO PEEWEE'S!

However, Dan and Dalton was able to sneak off for a night and hike up Settlement, make camp and stay over for the bow hunt.  They had a great time, I found it funny that when they returned home on Sunday after packing in the night before and packing out the next morning, that dad had to take a 3 hour nap and Dalton was still bouncing off the walls.  Youth, wish I could bottle up a little and add with my morning Diet Coke!

The big event this past month was the beginning of school.  It was a change for everyone, mom did not return back to Northlake with the kids.  The kids adjusted fine, but it took mom a couple days to be okay with the idea.  It helped that Grandma Connie has been subbing since the first day and will be there thru next week too.  The morning routine became a little to harsh for some to handle, (won't mention names because I was taught if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all LOL)  anyway, so my work has been kind enough to let me work at home for 1.5 hours in the morning, get the kids off to school and then go into the office, with the ability to make up hours in the evening, on weekends or use leave.  Whatever I choose, so that started last Wednesday.  Two days into it and it seems to be working, other than the fact I should probably be making up hours right now instead of blogging, but that is no fun!

The following is a picture of the kids first day at school.  It was fun this is the first year dad was able to go on the first day with us.  The only bad thing was when I dropped him off, he was able to stay home and play.  I of course headed into work.  Dalton is 5th grade and has Mrs. Mair, he loves it so far.  Georgette is 3rd grade and has Miss Foster, she struggles to love school, but never complains.  My baby Whitney that Daniel is so quick to remind me she is not a baby anymore, well she is 1st grade and has Aunt Judy, ok I know at school she is supposed to say Mrs. Anderson, but who is going to tattle if her and Skylee slip up and call her Aunt Judy, RIGHT!  Judy has had all three of my kiddos and they have enjoyed it.  I will keep you posted how the school year goes!

Two weeks into school and we have already had one stay home sick and one call half a day to come get because he was sick.  I hope that means our sickness is done for the year!  If so glad to get it done and over with.  So other than football, work, football, school and more football we have not done a whole lot this month.  Oh, one more thing because of my work schedule the girls won't be able to take dance this year, they were bummed, but I compromised and next week they will begin gymnastics on Friday's so I can be home to take them.  They seem excited, I hope they enjoy it as much as dance. 


Wendy said...

Looks like a crazy good time :) Welcome Fall!!!!!

Misty.Castagno said...

So glad to see that your job will work with you! That is awesome. The kids are growin up so fast.