Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wow, I can not believe how fast time can fly.  So just a few random updates that happened since I last posted, no particular order.  Just a quick update as to what our family has been up to.
*Girls have been participating in gymnastics and they love it.  They do miss dance and I wish I could fit that in somewhere, but I don't see it happening any time soon.  See picture below.

*Georgette is still attending activity days she loves it.  Last week they decorated cupcakes.  She is so talented, see picture below.

*Dalton has his last season football game this Saturday, but rumor has it we may fit in the playoffs somewhere so I don't see an end in sight just yet.  Plus, I see that Jr. Jazz sign-ups are coming up around the corner. Once football is done I think I will have him begin gymnastics too, so we can try and build some muscles on that tiny body of his.

*Baby showers the past month, we have been to a shower (Gina) and we have put on a baby shower (Misty).  It has been fun.  The girls enjoyed being in charge at Misty's shower and watching her open the gifts.  They are all so excited for Caden to become a part of our family.  I find myself wandering over to the baby section at most stores and usually picking something up and I have a stash of items for his arrival.

*Funerals, I hate to say it but yes there have been a few funerals and viewings this past month.  It is hard when you grow up in a small town and you know everyone.

*Dentist appointments, wow every time we turn around it seems like it is time for the dentist.  Dalton has been a few times, this past month he has lost 4 teeth and usually all at football or right after football.  I finally asked him if he was remembering to put his mouth piece in.  Whitney lost one this month too!

*Dan, Dalton and Grandpa Morgan traveled to Wolf Creek to go Elk Hunting.  Although the tag was not filled it was a success in the department of good times and memories.  I am glad that they can share those times together and that we are fortunate enough to have the means for them to go and enjoy a weekend away in the great outdoors.

*Teacher Conferences, can you believe it has been mid-term and this Friday will be end of term since the last time I wrote.  Where does the time go.  Dalton is 5th grade (Mrs. Mair) and he loves school, he has grown to love reading, it used to be fight to get him to read, now I am fighting with him to put a book down to go to bed or do his chores.  Very smart boy with an awesome review at parent/teacher night.  Georgette is 3rd grade (Miss Foster) unfortunately she does not share the enthusiasm of reading as her older brother does.  In fact anything to do with literacy, reading, writing, spelling, well it is a fight.  However, math is her strong suite, she will add, subtract, measure and try to multiply anything you give her.  She had an awesome review at conference too.  Well then there is our Whitney who is in 1st grade (Mrs. Anderson) yes we are related, it is Aunt Judy, she is our social butterfly, she loves school, loves her friends, loves her teacher and just loves life in general.  I was impressed when her teacher told me that a day don't go by that Whitney does not compliment her, out of the blue she will say I like your hair, your necklace is beautiful and etc.  I think that is great she is so kind and thinks of others at such a young age.

*Late start Monday's are new at our house.  The kids actually get to sleep in.  When I worked for the school they would call them Early Monday's because they had to be to school earlier than normal and sit in a classroom and wait for me.  Now the agreement is Dad has to use leave once a month and go in late to stay home because mom already arranged her schedule every other school day so that I can drop them off and they don't have to go to a sitter so early.  So far it is working out well.

*My mom had a scary stay in the hospital.  I was at work and received a call that she was going to be admitted and have surgery.  Her gal bladder had stones and they were going to remove it, but when they got in there it was actually dead (gan green).  The surgery took twice as long and she was in the hospital for six days because of fever.  It was scary, but she is improving day by day and will be 100% soon!

*Dan had an opportunity to go Deer hunting with his buddies and dad.  Dalton stayed with me because of football and the weather.  It sounds like they had a cold but fun time.  He shot a deer and was so excited.  He had not shot one in 8 years.  We took it to a taxidermist and will be getting jerky from Thompsons very soon.  See picture below.

*Red Ribbon Week, the kids dressed up every day with something new for Red Ribbon Week at their school, one day was dress from a different era and they chose Hippie Style.  It was so much fun to see their excitement, see picture below.

*Halloween this year will be a bit different for us.  I am still going to let the kids dress up but we won't be doing much trick or treating.  It is Dalton's last game of the season and it is in Oakley so we are leaving after gymnastics Friday and heading to Park City.  We are going to go have a weekend away and relax and enjoy some family time, with no rushing or schedules to stick to other than the game on Saturday.  I am sure we will make at least two trick or treat stops at the grandparents house, but who knows that is the best thing about this weekend we don't have to do anything only what we want YAHOO!  See picture below

Well this is a quick update and I will try to be better about blogging!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying life to the fullest!
Halloween 2010
Georgette Cupcakes from Activity Days
Hippie Days for Red Ribbon Week @ School

Dan's Success

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