Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My little man is not so little anymore!

Well I have to admit I can not keep him my baby boy for much longer. Despite all my worries, concerns and control issues I let Dalton miss his first day of school to go deer hunting with dad. He was so excited until he got home and realized that he had to do make up work for the day as homework. I am glad that he is able to spend time with Dan doing something they both enjoy so much. Every time he takes a giant step like this he comes back home a bigger boy, it makes me want to cry or freeze time or something. Here are a few pictures of their special day.

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Ryan and Sheree said...

It's the pits to watch them grow up so fast. You want to see them achieve all these things but at the same time stay little and needy. It looks like he had a fun day with his dad.