Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If you could give your diabets away for 24 hours . . .

I saw this post somewhere on one of the many diabetic blogs I belong to and I thought it was interesting that I didn't even have to think twice about it.  Ponder this for a moment and if you would like to share I would love to read your comments:

If I could give Dalton's Diabetes to someone for 24 hours who would it be and why???????


Daniel (Dalton's Father)  only I would make sure it was back in the day before the pump.  Back when you poked to test before anything entered the mouth, and then poked again to give the insulin to eat anything and everything.  He is always quick to judge and remind me that diabetes should not be an excuse.  This has sparked many of fights between us I hate to admit. 

I don't look at it as an excuse, it is REALITY!  I can not recall one time that Dalton has blamed his attitude, mistakes, not feeling well, not wanting to do something and etc. on diabetes.  There has been many a times he has went to school tired, sore from an all night poker fest and I am not talking about "Poker" the card game.  About two years ago I had a few bouts of hypo, I would feel icky, dizzy and tired.  I would eat something and gradually start feeling better, but it was not the type of feel better that you could take an aspirin and once the pain was gone you were 100%.  I remember the lingering headache, the ongoing shakiness so I can not even begin to imagine how I would feel going hi, low, hi, low, hi, low, hi, low - - - you get the picture!  So I am usually the one that when Dalton is off a bit - - - telling him to test.  Diabetes is not an excuse, it is REALITY, and it does interfere with every moment of every day.  It is so hard to understand what their little bodies are going through because on the outside they look normal and healthy, but the poor inside and the way they feel is a constant reminder they are anything but normal:(

My boy has taken this diabetes challenge and if there were a grand prize he would sure be the recipient of such award.  Anyone who can deal and learn the things he has dealt and learned with as a 10 year old makes for a pretty tough boy.  HE IS A WINNER!

The next time you grab a hand full of chips, or walk by the candy dish and grab a hand full of skittles and throw them in your mouth, think about the Type 1 diabetics that don't have this luxury.  They have to measure, count, add, poke and then eat.

Yes I do think that dad would sing a different tune if he were diabetic for a day!!!!

So here is the challenge, who and why would you give your diabetes to for a day??????

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Heather said...

awesome challenge! I will have to blog about this too. Now to think about who I wish this on....