Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Update 11/5/201-11/8/2010

The kids came home so excited to share their report cards with me.  It is the first time all three of the kiddos received and "H" in citizenship.  That makes me happier than all the A's I seen!  When the kids asked me why the "H's" were more important than A's, I told them anyone can get A's, the "H's" reflect their attitudes and not everyone can be successful when it comes to attitude.  They just rolled their eyes and gave me the "Whatever, mom" look!  It is true though you can teach a kid how to get an A but it is up to the person to get the H (except for the rare cases when you just have one of those teachers that never give H's).  Well the kids were very successful and I am so proud of all their hard work.  Another reassurance that mom returning to full-time work is OK!

The girls went to gymnastics as usual they are showing improvement each week.  They get so excited to go tumble, I get so excited that they burn energy and usually will hit the sack early.  Dalton went duck hunting and then to a pizza party with the football team at Pizza Hut.  While Dalton was at the pizza party the girls and I went and got our fingernails and toenails painted blue for diabetes awareness month.  We bought blue balloons to put out with blue lights and our luminaries for the T-1 luminary lighting.  We also changed our outdoor light bulbs to blue for the month of November.  It worked, a neighbor asked about all the blue and someone asked why we all had our nails blue.  So the smallest things can get the word out!

Saturday morning was opener of the pheasant hunt so Dalton and his dad were up early and went hunting before we had to leave to travel to Park City for a playoff game.  Dalton's team lost but we are so proud of all his hard work.  Tooele Pee Wee's ended up 3rd in State!  I am proud of all his hard work and the improvement he made throughout the season.

Sunday more hunting.  We had a crazy busy weekend but I love it and I would not trade it for nothing.

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Heather said...

LOVE the blue fingernails!