Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay so it is official I am weird (or a redneck) it has been confirmed this weekend! There is definitely something wrong with me. So Friday night we take our kids to dinner with some friends to Carl's Jr., we eat the kids play for an hour or so. When we get ready to go, I will hardly touch my kids because I am grossed out thinking about all the germs and stuff they have been in contact with.

On our way home I am going into detail that before they go to bed they need to shower and scrub off! Being a good mom right!

Well then Saturday afternoon and Sunday we were working (well Dan was working the kids and I were playing) down at the horses! Spring has sprung and there is mud up to our ankles, horse %$*@ everywhere and my kids are knee deep in fun! I bring lunch back and we actually sit in the middle of a pasture (remind you surrounded by horse %$*@ on a tarp out of grandpa's tool trailer and eat without even a second thought. Then we go home for dinner and it was no lecture on getting clean the only thing I said was wash your hands for dinner, did not even have them change their clothes just wash up! What is wrong with this picture. Well anyway here are a few shots of us rednecking it all weekend, but boy was it fun!

P.S. This is a great way to have your kids baby-sat by the way!

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Ashworth Photography said...

LOL that first sentence kills me. :D

But it looks like everyone had fun. Your family always looks like they got a fun adventure of some kind going on.

I didn't know/remember you had a blog until I got your email this morning. I added you to my following list so now I'll check back. :) Take care