Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay as promised I received the kids Tobacco Posters back and I want to share them with you. Dalton's theme was The Truth Is Smoking is for food . . . NOT. People! Just a little info behind the picture, he has a brick smoker oven with all kinds of food, deer, turkey, buffalo and etc. ready to go in the smoker, then he has pictures of people under the Not People. So take a look I thought it was clever and should have won but then again I am the mom LOL.

Second we have Miss Georgette who had the theme The Truth is Smoking Stinks! Then she colored a few pictures of skunks and stuck them around. Very cute, and the judges must have thought so too, because she won 2nd in the Pre K - 1st grade group. She received a movie ticket and was very excited.

Then last but not least we have our Miss Whitney who had the brilliant theme of THE TRUTH IS SMOKING TAKES YOU DOWN THE WRONG ROAD! She drew a town and roads and cars and well pretty much whatever she wanted even if it was not supposed to be on there! LOL She done a wonderful job and the judges must have thought so too! She won 3rd place in the Pre-K - 1st grade and she won a pizza and cheesy bread and a 2 liter of pop from Dominos. Yes we have used it and I took her with me to pick it up and she made sure when we got home that everyone had to thank her for dinner that night because it was because of her we were eating this pizza. LOL I do not know what I am going to do with that girl.

The girls had their picture taken and it was in the Tooele Transcript on the 12th I would have posted that as well but I am a horable mom and accidently threw it away.

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