Thursday, July 1, 2010


So after ten (10) years of staying home and doing part-time jobs here and there around the kiddos schedules, I decided to start applying for full-time jobs.   I lucked out and think I found a great one.  Today I completed my first week and I am actually looking forward for the second one (lets be honest it helps to know that the 2nd week is only a 3 dayer, lol). 

Going back to full-time has meant changes for "EVERYONE"!  Dalton has had to step it up and be a little more independent with his diabetes.  Georgette seems to have matured by 10 years in four days.  Whitney, well she is still adjusting,  she does fine until rest time and then cries for mommy, I admit I am glad.  The biggest change has been for dad,  he packed his own lunch two days this week, he has to pick up kids after work or run the babysitter home, then this week he had to cook dinner two times, get kids ready and meet me at the ball field with all my stuff .  He has done SUPER DOOPER so far if you ask me, but if you ask the kids they will say he is mean (only because I always disciplined before and he was the good guy, now he has to be responsible for some of the bad things too lol)! 

We can not forget Grandma Connie, she has been a life saver.  Because of her the kids were able to finish the last week of math camp.  She came to the house at 6:30 every morning, got the kids ready for math camp, picked them up and then picked the babysitter up, and then dropped them all off at the house.  It took the better part of her day and I appreciate all the extras that took place too.  It made it easier to focus on learning the new job knowing grandma was around.  The second half of the day they had their new sitter Melinda and they fell in love with her from day one.  I hope things continue to go as smooth as the first week and I can continue working.

Hopefully I can keep you updated on the new gig and we can have some summer fun to post about.  Until next time!

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