Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week Two Is Over and The Weekend is HERE!

Wow, I can hardly believe two weeks have flown by!  So the family is adjusting to mom working full-time.  Whitney even said she don't miss me as much :(  It is funny but I think time away has actually made the family closer.  When we are home together we enjoy the time more.  I find that the kids and dad pitch in more than they ever have around the house.  It is working out great, I am getting the hang of working and the new routine there.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that it continues to be smooth sailing:)

This weekend we did another first!  Today we went riding horses as a family.  We did not realize that we had never went riding all together and we did not realize that Whitney had not rode a horse outside of an arena or the pasture, LOL.  So we had a great ride up Settlement Canyon.  We have to thank Grandpa Morgan and Aunt Kikki though for letting us borrow their horses, without them we would not have had enough.  Georgette has convinced her dad that next time we have to borrow another horse from Grandpa Anderson so she can have her own horse too.  Here are a few pictures of our Saturday ride up Settlement!

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Misty.Castagno said...

Looks like fun.. Glad the kids had a good time.