Friday, July 30, 2010


Well I have officially been back to work full-time for a month.  Which in return means I only have 29 years and 11 months until I can retire, LOL.  My family seems to be adjusting well to the huge change.  I seem to be adapting to the fact I can not control everything, every minute of the day and all is still well.  So in the past few weeks we have been crazy, busy.  I have not taken as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I figured I would at least post and give an update.

Whitney is all excited, she finally lost her first tooth.  She can't wait for school to start and be a big first grader.  She is determined her teacher is going to be Aunt Judy and I hope she is or I will have one disappointed little girl.  She loves to ride her bike, she has become a "BIG HELPER".  She misses me so much during the day that she don't mind helping me clean or cook dinner because it means she gets to be by me.  Also I noticed that I receive more hugs, kisses and she holds my hand more than ever.  I think she has finally broke the habit of sucking her thumb which I thought I would be sending her to college with her thumb in her mouth, but another bad habit started again, coming in and getting in bed with me every night, but I have let this one slide by because the truth is I miss her during the day as much as she misses me.

Georgette is my little mom.  She has matured and grown more in the last month than I would have thought possible.  She watches out for Whitney and Dalton all the time.  She is a big helper and will do whatever I ask.  She loves going to the horses despite the fact when she comes home she can hardly breathe.  I hope this is just phase she is going through. She finished up with softball and has decided that she wants to try gymnastics this year instead of dance.  She loves playing with babies and taking care of them.

Dalton wow he has grown.  We went to his 3 month check up and he had finally gained a little weight which made mom and the doctor happy.  His A1C was 7.5 which is means he is in great control of his diabetes.  We signed him up for football again.  I am curious to see how it plays out this year, he has been so excited all year to sign up but the day of sign ups I noticed a bit of stress and a little nervousness as he made his final decision to play.  My heart breaks because he loves the sport so much but when he broke his arm the first year it scared him.  He wants to play so bad, but has a little fear in him now.  So we will try it, but if it don't work out I will have to go back on my word and let him quit.  I have always told my kids you finish what you start, but there is no room in football for fear.  So football is supposed to start on Aug 7th and I am sure it will consume most of our nights.  Tuesday we had pack meeting and Dalton earned a lot of awards and he helped in a flag ceremony that was truly amazing.

Daniel is still working straight days which has helped out a ton.  Since I started working he has stepped it up more than I ever thought he could or would.  This last week and next week our babysitter has girls camp and youth conference, so I have been getting the kids up and ready and he has been taking them to my moms on the way to work and then stops and gets them on the way home.  He then has them for almost 2 hours before I get home.  With me working the parenting has balanced out to a more even 50/50 and I think it has been good for all of us.  The kids know now that dad has a say and mom is not always in control, LOL.  He has been taking care of the horses, more than he ever has.  He also started a new hobby of Golf, he entered his first tournament a couple weeks ago and their team took 1st.  August also means it is time to start scouting deer and elk for the hunts.  He is a great dad and works hard to provide for his family.

Last Saturday on the 24th we went to Cherry Hill for the day with the Willis Family.  It was so much fun to go spend the day in the sun with our kids and good friends.  We arrived 10 minutes after they opened and were pretty much the last ones to pack up that night.  My kids enjoyed every minute of it and I enjoyed relaxing and watching my kids just be kids.  It helped that we were able to enjoy the company of good friends as well.

This weekend is Ophir Day and it is a little bitter-sweet for many reasons.  First of all we sold our trailer so this will be the first time in probably 6 or  7 years that we have not stayed for the weekend and camped.  Also Ophir Day means it is the "Diaversary" of Dalton's Diagnosis and even though it has been 6 years, I never forget August 1, 2005.  I have noticed a lot of my friends that have type 1 children have blogged their story so I think this year I will attempt to put Dalton's story on my blog, that is if I can make through.  I read their stories and cry and cry and cry because it touches home in so many ways.  So then I began Dalton's story and make it through the first paragraph and then I usually stop and can't make myself finish.  So hopefully I can do it this year.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful, safe, happy summer.  Keep blogging because I love to read and keep in touch.

PS  Yes I am weak I went back on FB only as a reader not a poster, nor a gamer.  I miss my friends from Northlake and now that I am not working there it is the only way to keep in touch and see how everyone is doing

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Misty.Castagno said...

You should have known that since we havnt sold our trailer and it just sits there you could have takin it to camp in... LOL... Glad to see a new post.