Monday, March 2, 2009


Georgette has a friend that loves animals and ever since she saw pictures of Georgette riding horses on my phone she has wanted to ride a horse. So the weather was gorgeous on Saturday, perfect for riding so I GAVE IN! Dan went and caught the horses and began saddling them while I went and picked up the Willis girls. They had so much fun, here are a few shots of our wonderful riding experience.

Lucky for us we had the same idea as Aunt Kikki and ran into Uncle Jared, Aunt Kikki and Baby Taya at the horses. Georgette loves Taya so she was excited to get a picture with her, sorry to say Taya was not as excited about the picture. LOL


Brittany {Ashworth Photography} said...

Awww that looks so fun! Selene loves horses but I don't think I could bribe her enough to actually get on one lol.

Nicc said...

Tell Georgie that we'll have to take some more pictures when the weather gets a little nicer and Taya isn't feeling so yucky!