Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well it finally looks like we may have a bit of SPRING and we sure took advantage of it. For starters we did a little spring cleaning of the yard and garage, what a task. Two loads to the dump and one to the DI why is it I think I have to hibernate and keep it all through the winter like a bear. Then after a two week break from basketball it was off to baseball tryouts! It was nice and sunny, great to be outside after all winter.
After tryouts we got ready and went to SLC with our friends the Willis's to the Sportsman Expo, the kids had fun running around filling up their bags with free stickers, handouts and anything else they could get their hands on. We watched the water dog competition and I walked around dreaming of my Zebra hunt, I swear every other booth was about an African Safari Hunt, but I kept my money in the car so unfortunately I walked away without one! LOL But I was able to talk with a guide from Kansas about my upcoming Turkey Hunt and I am even more excited than I was before. WATCH OUT TURKEYS! The kids got their picture taken with the baby cubs at Bear World and Dalton was in seventh heaven.

Then we finished the night off at RUBY RIVER with a delicious dinner. You could not ask for a better start to SPRING. I also want to thank the Willis's for putting up with us, they are troopers. I wanted to share a few pictures of our beautiful day!


Misty.Castagno said...

Way cute pics! Looks like you had a fun time.

Brittany {Ashworth Photography} said...

Those pictures are neat. And the picture with the little bear is so cute! I'll have to find out when they do that again I'd love to take my girls out.