Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just wanted to brag about my kiddos for a minute. Friday was the end of the third term, so that means REPORT CARDS. Call me crazy but I love to get their report cards, I use that as a gauge to let me know how I am doing as a mom! LOL Yes, I know they are still young and I won't always be able to control their school work, but for know it works for me. Dalton is in the third grade and he is an awesome student all A's with the exception of 1 B+ and 1 B. That is great! Georgette is in the 1st grade, and as you know it is not a letter grade but a number (4-1; 4 being the best) she received 13 4's and 3 3's. I am so proud of her because school is not as easy for her as it is her brother. On her comments it was also noted that she has read 5,230 reading minutes! Awesome! Homework returned - Super! Good Student! Of course, little Whitney does not get an official report card, but in my book she is an A student as well. I see her work she brings home every night and I see the work that is hung in the hall at school.

In case you could not tell, I am so proud of my kiddos! Until their is a report card for moms I will continue using their report cards and don't forget Dalton's sugar report of A1c every three months. As long as they keep getting A's and 4's; and Dalton's A1c's come back in the 7% my need to achieve is fulfilled. Crazy I know but if I don't judge myself who else will!

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