Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dalton's latest interest is "BEARS", not the cute little cuddly, but the big boy black and grizzly bear. He is starting to show his big boy age (9). For his birthday, he decided not to have a party and instead wanted to go to the Zoo with his buddy Trey. So Friday, without him knowing I picked Trey and Dalton up at school and we were off to the zoo. We had an incredible time, we practically had the whole zoo to ourselves. We played at the zoo for two hours and then off to Chuck A Rama Dalton's favorite place to eat out!

We had a great time with the kids at the zoo! Thanks Dalton for picking an awesome adventure for us to share with you. We hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your Birthday Wishes come true! Love Mom!
P.S. Grandma pulled out another wonderful cake. Dalton was specific he wanted a bear climbing a tree and getting into a beehive with bee's all over him. What Dalton wanted is what Dalton got! LOL Kids and their imaginations. THANKS GRANDMA CONNIE!

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Brittany {Ashworth Photography} said...

Hey just wanted to wish dalton a happy birthday! Great job on his surprise, I bet he was estatic.

And I love the cake, his grandma did a terrific job.